Sea-Safe Commercial and Recreational Rafts

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What Sea-Safe products and services are all about

Exceptional Life Raft Service

The companies offering SEA-SAFE LIFE RAFTS and service are small independent business owners who are fully trained and authorized with a focus to keep you and your crew safe at any time. We also pride ourselves with good affordable service cost.

Cost Effective & High Quality

High quality products with 12 year warranty with the sole goal to keep you safe in very tricky situations. Traditionally, all commercial rafts come with a one year warranty, but, SEA-SAFE is the only commercial life raft with a warranty through first gas inflation and any modification during that time is free of charge. A SEA-SAFE commercial life raft is typically cheaper to purchase and approximately $500.00 cheaper to service annually.

Flexible Solutions

Independent of what type of boating you are doing, here you will find the solution that suits you! For the sail Racers, these products are BV-approved, meet ISAF and Comply with ISO9650-1 and 2 depending on what model you choose. Easy boarding/visible/double flooring and fully equipped! All life rafts are vacuum packed and compact in either valise or fiberglass containers.

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Sea-Safe Rafts Operationally Packed in USA

All Sea-Safe life rafts are operationally packed in USA under the supervision by Mr. Greg Jacobson, Navy Chief veteran with 25 years under his belt in the US Navy.
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Launching and Boarding a Liferaft

Knowing when and how to use your last means of survival is paramount to good seamanship

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